Goats, sheep, chickens, garden, fruit, and more!

Spend Spring break on the farm!

Spend one day or all 5!  Two weeks to choose from!  
March 14-18
March 21- 25

Spend spring break outside!

Learn all about where your food comes from!

Everyday is different!

Spring break on the farm

Everyday we will start with the chores, milking, feeding, watering.  Once the chores are finished we will focus on the needs of one aspect of the farm.  As always, farm life is always subject to change so if something is happening on the farm we may need to change the focus for the day.  There will not be any notice if such a change happens.  Parents do not have to stay with their children.  Parents do need to pay if they stay.  Students age 5+ no pre-schoolers please!  


March 14 or March 21
Our focus for the day will be chickens.  We need to build a chicken coop, set up an incubator, and maybe even work on our Your breakfast display.  


March 15 sorry only available this day  
Our focus on Tuesday will be Goats!  Milk, make cheese, clean the goat pens, paint the goat house, and maybe set up the new pens IF they are here, learn all about goat care 


March 16 or March 23
Sheep!  the focus of the day will be sheep!  We have about 30 lambs that need to be tagged, We have 5 that need sheared.  we may even do some castrations on the boys.  


March 17 or March 24
Garden day!  We have potatoes, onions, cabbage, and more to plant. We will be doing some tilling, and working in the garden all day!  


March 18 or March 25
We have some pretty big plans for our pigs!  We need to build a pot belly pen, some farrowing pens, and a pig RACETRACK!  All about pigs!  

One day

Our day will start at 10 am.  We will work until 3.  The day will begin with chores that include feeding, milking, and watering everyone.  Then we will get busy!  we will have lunch and then spend more time working on our project and somewhere in there we will have plenty of time to just play!  

Any three days

So you don't want to come everyday but you want to come more then 1!  Just register by clicking below and pick the days you want to attend.  
Save $5 per day when registering for more than 1 day.  
We will also offer a multiple child discount!  If more than one child FROM THE SAME FAMILY attends the second child is $5 off per day
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All week!

So you want to do all 5 days!  Get 1 day free!  The price for the entire week is just $100


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