Field Trips

 Our trips are educational and FUN!

On the farm

The students will be divided into groups and will rotate through the centers.  Each center will have a leader, the teacher does nothing but rotate with the students.  The centers include Goats, Pigs, Chickens, Rabbits, and sheep.  We can add cows and horses.  the students learn the job of the animal, a few fun facts, and get to pet the animal.  Following the 90 minute eudcational program, you are free to remain on the farm for lunch and for free play for up to 3 hours.  

$10 per student school staff free

Minimum 25
this is available for homeschool groups. 

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We bring the field trip to you

This is the same trip as on the farm.  We will have the same 90 minute educational program.  We bring the small animals.  Rarely do we bring Elizabeth the cow or a pony.  These can be added but the cost does increase because it requires more fuel.  
this is a great trip for afterschool groups, summer programs, of teachers not allowed to leave their county

$12 per student  school staff free

add Elizabeth  $50

minimum 25

Ticket link

Assisted living

We can bring the field trip to assisted living homes!  
we LOVE this!  it is always great experience for the residents.  

$12 per resident 

Minimum 20
ticket link

Animal fo the month

We can bring one animal a month and do an intensive presentation to several classrooms. We spend about 15 -20 minutes in each classroom once a month.  we can spend up to 30 minutes in a classroom and have optional worksheets available.  

$300 for 2 hours
additional hours $100 per hour
Year $2750 covers 1 2 hour session per month August - May 

 We can cover 8 classrooms per 2 hour block making this just$2.50 per month per student

Add worksheets to add to the education $50  per year.  We provide the master, you make the copies.

Ask for details

Planning a  trip is easy!

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Select event date

Plan an approximate date for the event
Give us a first and second choice.  

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Decide which option works for you

We are happy to answer questions and help you decide what is the best option for your situation.  

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Submit a request form

Just send us a request.  We will contact you to finalize the details.    click here

confirm everything about a week before the trip 

This lets us both be sure we know what to expect on trip day.  
send us an email

Enjoy the trip!

These are such fun!  
Be sure you have done what your school requires to get us paid in a timely manner.  We are a small business.  Timely payment is important.  

Tips for Organizing a Successful Event

Be sure you have let the students know what to wear.  They will enjoy the trip much more if they are wearing closed toe shoes, have weather appropriate clothing, and know what to expect.  .

If students have discussed at least the identification of the animals it is helpful.  We are putting together resources for some befrore the trip lessons.  this will be available soon! 

Let us know about a week before the event how many particients we will have.  It helps us plan.  

If we are coming to you, we will arrive about 15 minutes early.  This allows us to set up.  Be aware that when dealing with animals and traffic we may be late.  We try but if MooMoo, the pig, decides she isn't getting in the trailer, it can slow us down.  We also are located about an hour from everywhere so traffic is often a problem.  If you are coming to us, please plan to arrive as close as possible to t he assigned time.  Just stay in touch, if you are going to be late text us.  
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Where will we set up?
Where will the students sit?
What if it rains?
what else.......

Kids will ask and I will answer just about any question!  Just relax and let them be kids!  

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